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Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for March 2018:

*"When you see or hear the words: peach, grapes, plums, or banana, can you immediately picture the fruit? When you see or hear the words: wood, plastic, paper or metal, can you also picture these items? Now close your eyes and see: a red car, a blue ball, a green apple and a yellow sun. With your eyes still closed picture a dark brown dog, a yellow/orange cat, a black and white zebra and a green spotted frog. Were you able to clearly visualize with your eyes open as well as closed? Remember, you do physical exercise to keep your body limber; now include this visualization exercise to help your mind."

*"If you saw an adult trip and fall would you stand back and watch or rush over to assist them? If you heard a child loudly crying, would you walk the other way or see how you might help? How you react to those in need is a sign of your compassion. When you live by the words "do unto others as you would have them do unto you", your compassion will be your guide."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for February 2018:

*"With your eyes closed, picture yourself walking on a cobblestone path and finding a comfortable place to sit. On your left is a beautiful blue lake with 2 white swans floating toward you. On your right are several small hills covered with lush green grass and a sprinkling of colorful wildflowers. With your eyes still closed take 2 deep breaths, inhaling the mist rising off the lake. Pause, and take 2 more deep breaths, inhaling the scent of Mother Earth grass and flowers. Picture the water and earth energy flowing into every cell and organ of your body. While still sitting with your eyes closed, feel the calming and healing effects your body is experiencing. Before opening your eyes, give appreciation for your ability to visualize, create and experience results. Use this mechanism for releasing stress and self healing."

*"If you walked into a room and saw 2 doors in front of you. A sign hung on the door on the left has the words: love, good health, happiness. The door on the right has a sign with the words: abundant wealth, tribulations, solitude. A voice prompt is telling you to choose one of the doors to go through; so you are not blocking the path of those behind you. Do you immediately trust your intuition when selecting the door, or do you act on impulse based on the words you see? Allow yourself time to meditate on both doors and what the words imply. Would you still make the same choice?" Is impulse a big part of your life, or do you go within when making important decisions? Freedom of choice........"

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for January 2018:

*"Close your eyes and in your mind see yourself leaning against a beautiful tree.. The trunk is a dark, reddish brown and the cascading leaves are shades of green, red and gold. With your eyes still closed, feel the warm, calming and peaceful energy radiating from the tree into where your body is touching it. See in your mind and feel in your body the healing effects created by Mother Earth. This is your life, your body and your freedom of choice. Remember to see that vision in your minds eye and allow your body to feel the benefits, whenever you encounter stress. You were given the ability to visualize , Mother Earth provides the mechanism to heal, and your freedom of choice creates the results."

*"Did you do anything different to welcome a New Year into your life? Many humans start with good intentions, but their follow-through may be short lived. Excuses are rampant during the first month of the New Year. With each passing day the good intentions become a fading memory. A suggestion would be to make only one good, solid, achievable intention. Write the intention in big letters on 3 separate cards. Hang one card on the mirror that you look in every morning. Hang one card where you eat your meals. Attach one card to the inside of your pocketbook, backpack or briefcase. Every time you see the card, read it out loud so it stays fresh in your thoughts and mind. Repetition can do wonders for achieving your goal; why not start today?"

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