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Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for December 2017:

*"Humans live with calendars that have dates and times and other pertinent data. This information is irrelevant to Spirit. Angels/ Teachers focus on the humans nature. What type attitudes & emotions do they exhibit; and how do they respond to situations and other humans. The spiritual nature or soul purpose of every human exists with love only. The thin veil that separates the soul purpose from the humans thoughts, words and actions is called 'ego'. Once the human understands that it is their freedom of choice that can positively change their ego, a true spiritual awareness can occur. Keep remembering that the greatest gift from the High Power is your freedom of choice; use it wisely."

*"What symbolism to you choose to represent Christmas; santa, presents, decorations or the birth of the baby Jesus? Your choice identifies the materialistic -vs- the spiritual. What should children be taught about their choices? There is nothing evil about choosing what you visually see displayed. Your spiritual growth may be delayed for a short period. Once you can recognize and meditate on the spiritual purpose of Christmas you may feel more grounded in acceptance, peace and love. This can also open your new year calendar with a greater sense of optimism."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for November 2017:

*"When you see a picture of or hear the word: pumpkin; does it conjure up memories of of specific holidays? Does the image of Santa Claus bring back thoughts from your early years or those of the children in your life? Stimulating your brain through memories and pictures should be as simple as Smiling or saying I Love You. Both actions can change your outlook on life as well as those around you. To create and capture those amazing results are all connected to your 'freedom of choice'. Start your day with the words: I Can and I Will. Stimulate the feelings of joy in your life and the lives of those important to you. There is no monetary cost and the results are immeasurable."

*"Seeing the green leaves turn to red, orange and gold is like watching a rainbow appear after the rain stops. It is all part of the magic of the Universe and Mother Earth. It is breath taking to see the perfection that appears, knowing that a human couldn't create it. Pause long enough to actually see and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you each day. Humans are mere thoughts created in the Universe and are all interconnected with the beauty and magic that exists."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for October 2017:

*"The  Golden  Rule  should  be  practiced  by  every  human  that  exists  on  Mother  Earth.   In  thought, words  and  actions:  Do  unto  others  as  you  would  have  them  do unto  you.   When  you  live  by  this simple  rule  you  do  your  part  to  make  your  life  and  the  lives  of  those  you  encounter  fill  with  love. Why  not  take  that  first  step  in  helping  yourself  and  others  to  change  the  world.   One  step  at  a time,  one  day  at  a  time  and  one  human  at  a  time  is  all  it  takes.   Are  you  ready  to  begin?"

*"Does  it  really  take  a  disaster  to  make  humans  more  aware  of  the  suffering  of  others  and  to bring  them  closer  together?   Abuse  and  neglect  has  been  rampant  in  your  culture  for  centuries. Your  technology  makes  it  more  visible  and  difficult  to  ignore.   Many  humans  however,  will  turn their  back  on  those  less  fortunate,  in  pursuit  of  material  possessions.   What  if  the  table  was turned? Remember, their  are  no  accidents.   Every  situation  or  event  that  you  encounter  may be  a  test  of  your  character.   How  do  you  respond;  what  steps  do  you take;  how  can  you  help your  neighbor?   Are  you  willing  to  change  you,  to  lead  by  example;  to  ignite  a  change  in  others?"

*"In  order  to  love  and  appreciate  others,  you  first  have  to  love  and  appreciate  you.  God/ the  Higher Power  does  not  create  junk  or  garbage.   Start  each  day  by  putting  a  higher   value  on  you  and let  it  rub  of  on  others.  Use  positive  mantras  when  you  first  open  your  eyes  each  morning: I  have  love  in  my  heart  for  me  and  everyone  I  encounter;  I  feel  joy;  I  I  will  only  allow  positive into  my  life;  I  am  blessed;   I  am  grateful  for  the  Angels  that  surround  me;  etc."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for August 2017:

*"Have you ever given thought to how often small 'miracles' happen in your daily life that change your life? You may wake up in the morning feeling sad, lonely and depressed. You receive a call or message that immediately fills you with a sense of joy, peace & love & validates your reason for being. Your current employment was terminated causing fear, doubt and a feeling of insecurity. You then cross paths with another human that offers you a position far greater then what you left behind. Remember, one door may need to close before another door can open. There are 'no accidents'. Every event and situation that occurs has a purpose. You may not see the purpose at the time it happens. With passage of time and hindsight your ability to 'solve the puzzle' becomes easier. Life is simple, don't complicate it."

*"You live in a 'disposable' world. As a human you learn early in your life that if something does not feel good or right you can change it. You learn to replace it, substitute it, or move away from it. This is where your 'freedom of choice' excels. What you cannot change however, is your soul, your inner essence, your reason for being. Learn to see yourself as a 'gift'. The paper and ribbon covering the 'gift' is what you can change. The gift inside is solid and firm, your soul. Your freedom of choice allows you to change, the wrapping, how others see you and how you see yourself. Use your 'freedom of choice' with wisdom."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for July 2017:

*"Let Go and Let God"... remember those words whenever you are faced with a difficult challenge or your 1/2 glass has completely gone dry. Take a deep breath, relax and give up control. Invite the Higher Power and your Angels into your life, to show you the way. Your path may feel 'bumpy' with every step that you take; have trust that you will be lead where you should be. Remove any fear and doubt and proceed with faith, that you have given control to God the Higher Power."

*"How you live your life is compared to a boomerang: what you put out is what comes back to you. When you send out any negative or dark energy, whether in thought, words or actions; the same will invade your life. Negative is magnetized to negative and likewise, positive is attracted to positive. The human energy field is a huge magnet that will pull to you what you may need to change in you. Remember your gift of 'freedom of choice' and determine how your boomerang will travel."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for June 2017:

*"Happiness & Joy comes from within to be authentic. When it is superficial, or only lip service, it is putting on a 'false front'. Trying to maintain a false front is difficult and sporadic and easily detected by others. To truly feel happy and a sense of joy tap into your 'higher self', your soul's purpose of love. Every soul exists with love only. Your human side through 'freedom of choice' carries too much heavy energy called baggage. Ground yourself by releasing into Mother Earth everything negative in your life. Meditate, go within, communicate with your Angels and experience the sense of peace, joy and relaxation that will fill your life. Every human has that ability. It all depends on your choice."

*"How often do you allow yourself to get caught up in a web of deceit or lies, no matter how small or insignificant it appears? Anytime truth or honesty is pushed to the side or ignored, dark and heavy energy seeps in. Negative energy accumulates within your energy field and can result in stress, turmoil and health issues. Being open, honest and loving toward yourself and others is always the best answer....It will help you overcome any 'bump' in the road of life. The choice is always yours."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for May 2017:

*"Try the following simple exercise to see how it impacts your life. Divide a large sheet of paper into 5 columns. At the top of column 1, write the words: MY FEELINGS. Under the word feelings list the words that describes your feelings at that moment. At the top of column 2, write: MY ATTITUDES, and list your attitudes at that moment. In the 3rd column at the top write: MY EMOTIONS and list at that moment your emotions. The top of column 4 should say: MY EXPECTATIONS, and list what you expect in your life at that time. At the top of column 5 write MY RESULTS. Under results list what you learned about your feelings, your attitudes, your emotions and your expectations. Is this a clear and descriptive picture of how you see yourself? Is this how others may see you? Is there anything you would like to change, because you can. Life is simple, don't complicate it; you have freedom of choice."

*"Do you remember to give appreciation when you wake up in the morning and when you are ready to go to sleep? This simple gesture has no monetary value; but the spiritual value is immeasurable."

*"Take the 1st small step to improve your world each day. Acknowledge by greeting the first person you encounter and wish them a 'happy day'. You may choose to do the same to the 2nd & 3rd person too, especially when you see them smile. You may never know the results it creates, but the act of smiling is contagious. It can actually improve the lives of everyone involved from the first greeting you delivered."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for March 2017:

*"When you open your eyes in the morning, what is the first thing you see that makes you smile or feel good? In many cases it may be a child, a family pet or a special photo that creates optimism for the rest of your day. If however, when you open your eyes the feeling of sadness or stress overwhelms you then change should be your priority. It may take adding to or rearranging something simple in your environment to create a feeling of peace and comfort. Do you enjoy reading, than place favorite books nearby. Do you enjoy the outdoors and Mother Earth, then place a plant or flowers in your view. If relationships create a sense of family and love, than place a family photo on your nightstand that you immediately see. Whatever change it takes to start your day with optimism, a smile on your face and a feeling of love, than make that choice. Your entire life will benefit from that decision."

*"If you can count to 10 meditation could become a very simple relaxation technique to use. Sit in a comfortable location and position, indoors or out. Close your eyes, take 10 deep breaths and clear all the chatter from your mind. Visualize your 'happy place' and see yourself completely relaxed. You can do this from as little as 5 mins to 15 or 20 mins as often as you can throughout the day. Do this especially when you feel any stress or turmoil in your life. There is no monetary charge. The emotional charge and benefit you feel to your health and peace of mind is immeasurable."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for February 2017:

*"This period of the human calendar represents: hearts & flowers, love & greeting cards. It is also a time to continue following or ignoring any New Year resolutions you made. Do you look at each month of your calendar as a continuation of unfinished business? Do you see each month completely independent and an opportunity to start over? Each human has the ability to see what they choose and to experience the results of their choices. The symbolism attached to this calendar month can be a reminder. Keep those that you love close to your heart and be willing to love one another."

*"Close your eyes and picture your 'happy place', what do you actually see? Are you enjoying an outdoors location on Mother Earth, or are you inside a man made building? Does your outdoor 'happy place' fill you with comfort and freedom? Will your indoor 'happy place' provide a feeling of safety and peace of mind? Where ever you picture your 'happy place', use that during periods of stress. Each human can visualize their own peaceful location by closing their eyes and relaxing. Carrying stress is added baggage that your body does not need. A quick visit to your 'happy place' can do wonders to set your mind free."

Andryl Angel,
Channeled Suggestions for January 2017:

*"Look beyond any imagined roadblocks that interferes with your well-being. Do you establish concrete goals to achieve positive changes in your life? Fill a glass half full of water; do you see it as 1/2 full or 1/2 empty? Look inside your wallet or money clip. Will it provide immediate necessities? OR, are you stressed by not having more? If you open the door of your refrigerator or pantry what do you actually see? If you only see boxes, cans and packages of food, you may feel like you don't have enough. But, if you allow your creative mind to see the nutritious meals at your fingertips you can appreciate the abundance that you have. Remove the roadblock of pessimism from your life and instead choose to live with optimism. It takes very little effort to use a smile instead of a frown; to see the rainbow in spite of the rain; to enjoy what you have instead of always wanting more. Your freedom of choice allows you to live your life with optimism or pessimism; which do you choose?"

*"Do you look st this New Year as a new chapter in your Book of Life OR is it merely the change of a calendar page and nothing else but 'more of the same'? You are the producer and director of your own Book of Life, how do you see it progressing? Do you avoid change because you see it as stress or do you welcome change as an exciting new opportunity? Set your sights on how you would like this year to progress. How you choose to write the script will determine the outcome."

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