Dealing With Today’s World

Everything is changing around us now this virus has come. There is so many things different today, even from just a few months ago. Yes, 2020 has been the year of the virus but it has been the year of change and the year we have come together. Very counties has found a way to manage, even within ever area, we see differences in how people and managing and particularly how businesses are finding way to open again to keep the economy going. I have been to cafes and restraints in England for example and can see a massive change. All the tables are 2 meters apart, staff wear masks in most places and the customers don’t. However, in shops we see staff not wearing masks while customers must wear masks. There is no doubt that it must be hard for everyone, not just the customers but differently the businesses. My friend who works in retail said that is a customer tries on cloths, they must pot it away for 72 hours to make sure the virus has gone if the customer had it. Now just think, if customers tried on all the tops of the best selling item. Now when customers come in there is no item.

There are just so many thing happening and I feel for many business. However I really do believe we are doing a great job considering the circumstances. We are pulling together and making it work. Keeping business alive and there are some great businesses around. One company doing a great job is Taxi Reading who, like many taxi companies ask customers to wear masks and wear them there selves. If you would live to use their service, I would recommend them, just go to for there phone number and more information. Reading is such a beautiful area and it’s good to get around to see it if you haven’t yet.

Like many other people, I love traveling, which has personally been very hard for me. Up till now, I have’t done any since the lock down started, but I see and hear about more and more people traveling within the UK or even overseas, and it differently builds my confidence. I think I will go somewhere, not sure where yet, but somewhere. I think the most important this is to follow the guidelines and respect we are all in this together. If you think you could be ill, you should get tested then isolate at least until you get the all clear and if you think you might have been in contact with someone who had it, you should isolate. From what I can see, that seems to be the main advice everything, across the UK and even the world. However, if I do decide to go away somewhere with a little more sun, I will look into there rules and make sure I respect and follow them. Again, we are all in this together and must do what we can, and we will get through this.